Writing Is Like Running a Marathon


   I have paused today to complete a ritual I use when writing or editing my work. I’ve read reviews from readers before, where they state that the very end of some author’s story seemed rushed, and not as fully developed as the rest of the book. Believe me, as a writer myself, I understand this entirely.

   An author’s creation process is a lot like preparing and running a marathon. All the prep to come up with the characters, working through your plot ideas, and then depending on if you are a plotter or a pantser, putting a good outline together. So finally you have done all your warm ups and stretches, and are raring to start. The characters are all lined up, ready to run this imaginary course with you.

On your marks.…get ready
; as you place your hands on the keyboard, set; as you look at your blank docx, and go; with a bang, you’re off to the races.

   As you traverse metaphoric miles of your story, sometimes the pace is fast, other times it’s slow, depending upon if your characters are cooperating or not. You wind your way along the route, with your publisher and friends shouting encouragements at you from the sidelines, to keep going.
3410a5e0fced227341c70acba9ee870e    You may tire, stumble a few times, or may even have to backtrack when you realize you somehow went off course. But you are in this to the finish, so you jog along. You may even pause for a minute or two, and stop to smell the roses in someone else’s yard along the way. Their sweet fragrance, reminding you that your own flowers smell just as sweet, so you move merrily along.open_road_running

   You are nearing the end, and you are so ready for the marathon to be over. You see that final hill coming up, your first inclination is to go at it full speed, and get over that finish line, but resist this temptation. This is the time that you have to convince yourself slow down, ensure that each footfall is precise and steady. When you reach the end, make sure you brought your characters with you, to a complete and satisfying finish. You owe that to them and to your readers.

   I am down to those last few pages again and felt the overwhelming tug to sprint to the finish, but instead made myself stop to write this short blog. It helps exercise my literary skills and set my mind to conveying something outside my story, as a way of winding down. I hope I was able to paint a verbal image of the struggle some of my fellow authors, may have felt from time to time. But every now and then, we may need a reminder that our marathon story is as much about the journey, as the finish.

I’d love to hear what you think, drop me a comment.


First blog post

Good Morning to All.

Taking a reading holiday after completing a story for my “Wicked Sisters” that I hope will be included in an Anthology of Short Stories by the wonderful Authors of Wicked Publishing.  

I am a new author and still editing my first full length novel, that by the grace of my editor, will be published next year.  I feel so fortunate that, the power that be, thought my story was worthy for consideration to be published.  It is hard work but I love every minute of it.  

I hope to be able to share this labor of love with readers, of which I am one.

Happy Monday,
Elle Hyden